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The Mission of the 
Virginia Association of Children’s Homes 
is to promote a high quality of care 
to children, adolescents and families 
in need across Virginia through its 
non-profit member agencies.

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Serving Children in Need
Virginia Association of Children's Homes
The Virginia Association of Children’s Homes is an organization of private, non-profit agencies dedicated to serving children and families in need. The services offered cover a wide range of needs and are delivered by a multitude of programs. All members of the VACH are licensed by the Virginia Department of Social Services.

The purpose of the Virginia Association of Children’s Homes is:

  • To form a fellowship of private child are providers in the State and to provide services to members.
  • To network in order to share information, plans, and programs so that we may provide the best possible services for children in our care. 
  • To be collectively represented in the Legislature on matters affecting children and their families.
  • To positively and aggressively attempt to shape the politics of governmental agencies serving children.
  • To work with government agencies in setting standards for child care in Virginia.
  • To cooperate with private child care and family services agencies in Virginia to further the purpose of this organization.

The Association recognizes that it is impossible for many children to live in their natural homes either temporarily or permanently. For a variety of reasons, many children must be given assistance outside their homes for varied lengths of time. The agencies in the VACH work closely with the children’s families in the hope of reuniting the children with their families as soon as possible. In response to many human needs, the private agencies provide:

  • Residential care
  • Family services
  • Treatment programs
  • Foster care and adoptions
  • Day care
  • Special education training
  • Vocational training
  • Emergency shelter
  • Assessment services

Some of the Association’s members were established as Christian ministries and place a special emphasis on Christian training. Our agencies are located in rural and urban areas throughout Virginia and range in size from small specialized facilities to large comprehensive campuses. They represent a variety of philosophies and techniques and employ a broad spectrum of dedicated professionals providing services to meet the needs of children and families.

Statement of Philosophy
As members of the Virginia Association of Children’s Homes, we hereby pledge:

  • To use best professional skills to obtain for each child the permanence of family life.
  • To obtain for physically ill or emotionally disturbed children the best therapeutic care available.
  • To provide opportunities for children to grow and mature in a positive environment.
  • To respect the uniqueness of each child’s race, culture, and religion while attempting to instill a sense of self-worth,
  • individuality and the responsibilities as well as the privilegesof citizenship.
  • To nurture in each child a sense of the presence of God in our lives, recognizing the child’s right to worship, his right to religious education and experiences, acknowledging that this is a cornerstone on which our nation was built.
  • To serve only those children for whom our service is ppropriate, without restriction regarding race, color, or creed.
  • To use our knowledge and influence as advocates for children.
  • To provide well-trained and professional staff to care for the children we serve.

VACH | PO Box 259 | Duffield, VA 24244 | 276-546-4400